What's a Fouta and What's It For?

What's a Fouta and What's It For?

You've been hearing about the incredibly popular fouta and you may be wondering what it even is.

Here we offer a quick explanation on where the fouta comes from, how it's evolved into a modern necessity, and the many reasons you need it in your life.



The fouta has been around for centuries as a staple in many European countries. It is an artisanal product with a rich history. More recently it has enjoyed a new life as a luxurious beach, home, and travel accessory that's riding the fashion wave from the Mediterranean coasts to our shores here in the U.S.

Also known as Turkish towels, foutas come in many sizes and vary widely in quality. Traditionally, foutas are thin, multi-use towels originally used or worn as sarongs in Turkish bathhouses and spas. They are typically crafted from linen or 100% cotton, and often feature a fringed detail. But all foutas are not created equally; to call our Libeco Belgian Linen Fouta simply a towel definitely doesn't begin to do it justice. 

Belgian Linen Foutas

Cotton Turkish towels are everywhere and honestly, a dime a dozen. Our foutas are not those. Genuine Belgian Linen from Libeco stands apart from other linens. Libeco linen is made with pride by artisans who have been producing linen for 150 years.

Our soft and textured linen from Libeco is on a level above other linens and substantial enough to be a lightweight blanket. It has a natural sheen and unique way that it accepts color during the dye process. Stylish and highly practical it is both luxurious and causal at the same time.

How to use it? Let's count the ways...

Known and praised for their versatility, foutas are both decorative and functional. They are useful in so many ways– from the home to the beach and beyond.

As a beach towel, the lightweight, absorbent fouta dries quickly, resists sand, and rolls up small enough to fit into your bag. 

As a pool towel. Since they are considerably thinner than other luxury towel options, foutas pack easily for travel – impromptu pool day anyone? Added bonus – they are super space savers in your linen closet as they fold compactly and stack with less volume so you always have plenty of towels at the ready.

As a sarong. Meant for men and women alike, the fouta can be wrapped around your waist for a quick trip to the snack bar.

As a shawl for when the sun goes down and there's a chill in the air. Toss a fouta around your shoulders to cozy up by the fire.

Draped as a tablecloth, foutas can dress up your table and add instant interest to your spread.

Roll up and slip one into your wine tote next to the bottle and you can use as a picnic blanket for a lux lunch at the ready. 

As a travel accessory – stashed in your carryon they can come in handy for comfy naps on longer flights. 

Probably our favorite everyday use – as an indoor throw the fouta adds casual luxury to any room. Drape over a chair or ottoman or at the end of the bed to add texture and dimension. With 17 colors, you are almost guaranteed to find one (or two?) you can't live without. 

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